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About Glasscat Design

Glasscat Design, located in central Florida, specializes in web site design and development and multimedia presentations. We primarily serve small businesses that need to promote a strong identity to build a customer base by providing affordable web and multimedia solutions.

In order to support our clients in their marketing efforts, we also include graphic design services such as logo development and design of printed promotional materials.

Our clients include small businesses, non-profit organizations, and rising professional athletes.

7374 Chesterhill Circle
Mount Dora, FL 32757
Phone: (352) 978-4252

What does Glasscat mean?
"Glass cat", (no relation to the Land of Oz's Glass Cat) is a modern reference to the Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of creative thought. Also referred to as the "Silicon Goddess". The modern day Seshat is considered to be the goddess of computers, operating systems, software, telecommunications, electronic networks (including the Internet), knowledge systems, and other related technology. Some view the Internet as an example of the Glass Cat manifesting Herself in space and time.